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Championing Inclusive Entrepreneurship: Highlights from the 2023 Geneva and Berlin SINGA Awards

Fostering networks of equal individuals is key to unleashing potential and breaking down societal stereotypes. On November 23rd in Berlin and November 30th in Geneva, the SINGA Awards brought together a wide array of social entrepreneurs, public sector representatives, and civil society organizations. Emerging SINGA entrepreneurs, who spent six months challenging conventional thinking and refining their ideas, were given the opportunity to present their projects and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and experts. 13 projects saw the light of day and were applauded at two awards ceremonies.

The SINGA Awards are regular events organized yearly by SINGA Berlin and Switzerland to celebrate emerging entrepreneurs, bring visibility to their talents and spread awareness about the importance of including newcomers professionally. Attendees get the chance to interact directly with the creators of innovative projects, gaining insights into transformative ideas shaping social landscapes. The dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences among social entrepreneurs, public sector representatives, and civil society organizations enhances the collaborative spirit crucial for driving positive change.

I. SINGA Awards in Berlin: Recognizing Humanitarian Innovations

On November 23rd, guests gathered at the Spielfied Digital Hub for the SINGA Berlin Newcomer Startup Award. Six finalists presented their projects to the jury, and three came out on top: Join OCTO Labs, DeepFile, and Relosync. These projects, now in the spotlight, symbolize a new era of socially transformative ideas taking root in the city’s entrepreneurial landscape.

« It was a difficult decision, but we decided to award a startup that is bringing humanity into a very difficult process, which is hiring for SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) » – Ali Khan

First Prize (€10,000): Join OCTO Labs by Omid Moradiannasab and Ceyda Güzelsevdi

OCTO Labs introduces a paradigm shift in small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) hiring processes. This personality-based hiring assistant employs a dynamic conversational interface, gamification elements, and instant feedback to overcome challenges such as self-reporting biases. By conducting next-level behavioral interviews, OCTO Labs not only identifies the best candidates but also reduces turnover by aligning them with company culture.

Second Prize (€7,500): DeepFile by Bayangmbe Mounmo. 

DeepFile allows you to find accurate answers to your questions by digging into your local drives and company network. And it does it in seconds! When time is of the essence, finding information and files among your confidential data is the handbrake of efficiency. Forget keywords, just ask normal questions. DeepFile finds you the answer, so you can focus on what matters the most and boost your productivity. Services offered: local AI enabled search engine; customer service information retrieval.

Third Prize (€5,000): Relosync by Niharika Rakhija

Settling into a new country—especially one with significant language and bureaucratic barriers—presents considerable challenges.​ ReloSync aims to break down these barriers, offering a comprehensive, personalized program that minimizes the stresses and unknowns of relocating to a new country. Through our AI-powered chat assistant, step-by-step guides, ‘Hire a Coach’ service, and resources, we simplify the intricate puzzle of relocation.

Audience Prize (€5,000): HeyOtters – cause we care for one anotter by Matinuch Ouyyamwongs and Pauline Bewerunge.

HeyOtters aims to be the go-to app for healthcare and social professionals. In a system that often overlooks their needs, they’re here to combat burnout and bring joy to their daily lives. Our app is tailored to their routines, addressing specific challenges, and providing practical advice for newcomers. HeyOtters is all about supporting those who dedicate their lives to improving others’.

Big congratulations to the winners, and heartfelt gratitude to all participants for making this event truly special. Keep an eye out for updates on the upcoming phase of SINGA Berlin Awards.

II. SINGA Awards in Geneva: Celebrating Social Impact

The fifth edition of this year drew a crowd of over 150 to Geneva. After a six-month entrepreneurial journey supported by experts in the incubator, seven participants made their business idea debut.

The evening debuted with opening remarks from Christina Kitsos, Vice President of the Administrative Council of the City of Geneva, and a speech by Tom Kaeser from the State Secretariat for Migration. Joseph Le Marchand of the Tsadik Foundation highlighted their partnership with SINGA since 2019, supporting impactful social and environmental projects, joined by Kandé Nimaga Franzen, a former François Périer Fellowship recipient. The event also featured a discussion with author Zahi Haddad, known for works like “126 Heartbeats for International Geneva,” accompanied by Thierry Dime, Editor-in-Chief of Le Monde Économique.

SINGA Award (5,000 CHF) Noury by Rabaa Humam 

Rabaa Humam is gearing up to launch a line of 100% natural cosmetics inspired by Yemeni beauty secrets. Noury’s innovative approach has earned Rabaa the SINGA Award, bestowed upon the most promising and innovative business project on factors like degree of innovation, market and customer potential, unique value proposition, technical feasibility, and sustainable revenue model.

François Périer Fellowship (5,000 CHF) – Contes au Pluriel by Sofia Hallström. 

Contes au pluriel is a vibrant media center and bookstore where youth literature comes to life, specially crafted for children and families seeking enlightenment through reading. A place of inclusion, celebrating diversity and embracing the richness of children’s books. The François Périer Fellowship is awarded to projects that stand out for their significant social impact. 

SINGA Community Award (5,000 CHF) – Home Aura by Megi Nakhutsrishvili

Home Aura introduces a unique and healthy Georgian cuisine! The SINGA Community Award recognizes the participant whose pitch resonated most with the audience.

Lauréate du PRIX LAGRUME (3,500 CHF marketing pack) – Deep Roots by Natalie Anderson

Deep Roots offers an eco-friendly gardening concept store and resource center tailored for city dwellers.


SINGA Switzerland is recognized as a program of national importance by the Swiss Federal State for Migration. The SINGA incubator is made possible by the Ernst Göhner Foundation, the Hirschmann Foundation, the AtDta Foundation, the VISA Foundation and well as other private foundations and companies.


Our warmest thanks to our partners, the teams and participants for this evening. Visit SINGA Switzerland’s website and SINGA Berlin’s website to stay tuned for the launch of the next promotion!