Call for applications open for the Paris incubator!

Enriching each other

SINGA’s philosophy is inspired by the networked exchange model called ‘peer to peer’. An information exchange model where each entity is both the emitter and the receiver, equal to equal.

We believe that creating this network of equals allows us to fully release and embrace our energy and potential. We put this framework in place to allow each individual to flourish and to deconstruct any existing stereotypes.

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Coming together

Newcomers and locals, SINGA invites you to come together to meet, share and enrich one another! Discover our one-off or recurring events throughout France, in Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Paris, Saint-Etienne, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Valence:

Become a volunteer

Do you want to give your time (and talents) to help bring our events to life? We are regularly looking for leaders, photographers and videographers… Contact us!

Become a SINGA spot!

SINGA spots are various spaces throughout France that strive to create social links. This is where we hold our events (workshops, meetings, parties), becoming a local SINGA hub!

This will allow you to:

  • Gain visibility and a positive reputation
  • Enrich the life of your establishment and your calendar of events
  • Raise your social impact by taking an active role in creating intercultural connections.
Sol, SINGA Lyon
Mathie, SINGA Lille
Diane, SINGA Marseille

I was born in Paraguay, I grew up in Andalusia and now I’m living in France. Interculturality is a part of my life and my values. I discovered SINGA during a training course and it was love at first sight: no judgements or preconceptions, no taboos on migration… Being surrounded by people who are active and engaged, encouraging our dreams and new ideas, this is without doubt what will stay with me from SINGA.


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