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For a new look on migration.

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So good

‘Migra-sons’ is a podcast which gives the microphone to people who’ve written a new chapter of their lives in France and who are pairing migration with innovation. (article in French)

Care news

How to encourage professional insertion for refugees? (article in French)


Changing perceptions on migration with Guillaume Capelle, founder of SINGA.(video and article in French)


When everything is lost, an entrepreneur isn’t scared. (article in French)

Le Grand Rebond

The evolution of migration over the last years, the power of immigration and the bridges it builds between countries and cultures. (article in French)

Les Echos

SINGA: become an entrepreneur with migrants and on the topic of migration. (article in French)

C Politique

The difficulty of welcoming others and our incapacity to identify and enrich the talents that arrive. (article in French)

Le Monde

From Kabul to Paris, SINGA’s role in aiding Afghan refugees. (article in French)


The others are the future. (article in French).

Press Folder

The vision and the mission of SINGA. It’s implementation, activities and key figures.

A new look on migration

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Our Position: SINGA x Utopies

How people with refugee or migrant status contribute to the innovation, growth and resilience of companies.

Talents without borders

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Our logos and photos

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Find here all our news and content on migration, our vision of social impact and much more!

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