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New encounters lead to progress

SINGA stands for the idea of a world in motion. Movement to bring ideas, opinions and individuals together. Movements in perceptions. Movement in stereotypes, preconceived ideas. Because no desirable social project emerges from immobility and withdrawal.

What we do

SINGA is a global community of 50,000 members, in 17 cities of 7 countries. A community that aspires to create open societies and innovative economies where everyone, regardless of their origin, can reach their full potential.

In France, SINGA creates a link between newcomers (people with migrant and refugee backgrounds) and locals (people with knowledge of the cultural codes in the welcoming community) with the aim to develop each person’s social and professional networks, leading to the creation of many opportunities (e.g. access to culture, employment, education or housing).

Since 2012, SINGA’s activities prove that social and economic innovation stems from migration and social connections. Each encounter, each programme, each structure created by SINGA becomes the foundation that allows us to build tomorrow’s society.

7 countries

Germany, Belgium, Canada, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland.

10 cities in France

Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Paris, Saint-Etienne, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Valence.

50 000+ members

part of the SINGA community (locals and newcomers) throughout the world.

320+ startups

supported by our incubators since 2016.

54% of jobs created

after 6 months, 1 structure out of 2 created at least 1 job.

What we believe in

Today, 80 million people (1% of the world’s population) live in exile (UNHCR). This number will rise to 300 million by 2050 (UN), with the acceleration of global warming and the political and economic unrest in certains countries. Europe plays a significant role in welcoming these populations, but struggles to create solutions that truly foster the inclusion of newcomers.

The word “migrant” often conjures an image of a shapeless, precarious, and dangerous figure without any individuality. This biased perception triggers debates around national security and polarised societies, creating a “us” versus “them” narrative. A pointless concept, as Professor Otto Scharmer (MIT) highlights : this idea of “us” can fluctuate and expand to include more and more profiles as time goes by.

We refuse to see migration uniquely as a humanitarian or security issue. We must quickly and radically change how society at large approaches migration : it is a great opportunity to meet new people, give meaning to our lives. It provides economic opportunities, limitless knowledge and permanent cultural enrichment.

What if the world was more reactive to environmental and social change? What if each citizen of the world was no longer limited by his/her nationality, but could thrive with their own plural and dynamic identity? What if we could benefit from others’ experiences, knowledge and skills?

The SINGA Team on video

What if the world was open to a more mobile version of humanity, responsive to environmental and social changes? What if each citizen of the world was no longer limited to one nationality, but had his/her own identity – plural and dynamic? What if we learned from each other’s experiences, knowledge and skills?

SINGA Glossary

Newcomer (vs ‘migrant’ or ‘refugee’)

A person that has newly arrived in the territory and is searching to contribute to the host society and develop their network (professional or social).

Local person

Someone who has lived in the territory for some time (having nationality or not). At SINGA, newcomers and local people meet each other regularly.

Member of the community (vs ‘beneficiary’)

We think that being in the mindset of ‘helping’ newcomers, prevents a real consideration of what they want and what they are able to bring. Therefore we create a space for exchange that is balanced, where everyone is equal as members of our community.

Inclusion (vs ‘integration’)

The concept of ‘integration’ refers to individual actions that allow integration into a social system that already exists. SINGA strives to promote active inclusion, where each person (irrespective of their administrative status or other characteristics) takes part in the construction and development of a system that is constantly evolving.

Our documents to download

Procès-verbal de l’assemblée Générale – 25/06/2022

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Rapports moraux et d’activité – 2021

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Bilan entrepreneuriat SINGA-DIAN 2020

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Bilans financiers de l’association – 2020

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Bilans financiers de l’association – 2019

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Bilans financiers de l’association – 2018

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