Call for applications open for the Paris incubator!

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Support in launching your project

  • SINGA Bordeaux
  • SINGA Lille
  • SINGA Lyon
  • SINGA Nantes
  • SINGA Paris
  • SINGA Strasbourg

In France, the incubation program exists in Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Marseille and Strasbourg. This program provides entrepreneurship support for newcomers (with refugee status or residency card) and locals that have a project linked with migration. This stage helps you to launch your project : legal status, testing your product / service, development…


The incubation program offers support to a dozen of entrepreneurs  each cycle, in both group and individual contexts and for a duration of 6 months. This support facilitates and secures the creation stage of a business, a micro-business or an association. It’s free to participate in this program.

What type of support does the incubator offer ?

  • At least one follow-up session with programme leaders or mentors, to challenge your ideas and understand your needs.
  • A dozen of group workshops (training / collective intelligence) with programme leaders and other entrepreneurs in the cycle to encourage collaboration and skill sharing.
  • Strategy and finance mentoring with business experts
    Opportunities to expand your visibility and meet new people (social network of SINGA France, events…)
  • The development of your professional network to allow your project to evolve
  • Access to a co-working space

In line with health measures and restrictions, the programme will take place either in person (at Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes, Paris and Strasbourg) or online (on Zoom).

At Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Paris and Strasbourg

2 promotions with a dozen of entrepreneurs each year

In Bordeaux and Paris, call for applications are now open!



To take part in the program, the project holder must:

  • Be a newcomer in France (refugee status or residency card) or a local with a project linked to migration (contributing to the welcoming, inclusion and integration between newcomers and the host society)
  • Have a minimum level B2 in French or English
  • Have a clear and well thought out vision of your project
  • Have started your market research and/or started the first phase of testing your product / service
  • Be motivated to engage in the SINGA community (participate in workshops and activities, share your experience, etc…)
  • Be available in Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon or Nantes during the programme

SINGA Paris is currently recruiting its 2024 incubator intake, apply here.

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