Call for applications open for the Paris incubator!

program  Pre-incubator 

Support in forming your project

  • SINGA Bordeaux
  • SINGA Lille
  • SINGA Lyon
  • SINGA Nantes
  • SINGA Paris
  • SINGA Strasbourg

In France, the pre-incubation programme exists in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Marseille and Strasbourg. It’s a programme that gives entrepreneurship support to newcomers (people with refugee, migrant and asylum seeker backgrounds) and locals that have a project linked to migration. This stage allows you to develop your project and bring your ideas to life : clarify your idea, check how realistic and reliable it is and make a plan of action.


The pre-incubation programme supports around 20 entrepreneurs each cycle, within both group and individual settings  and for a duration of 2 months. It’s free to participate in this programme, thanks to the support of our financial partners. 
  • sessions of individual follow-ups with programme leaders to develop the foundations of your project (company, association…) and to find the type of support best suited to your needs.
  • group workshops (training / collective intelligence) with programme leaders and other entrepreneurs in the programme, favorising collaboration and skill sharing.
  • The development of your professional network, enabling your project to evolve
  • French courses financed by SINGA for anyone who would like them (all cities).

In light of health measures and restrictions, the programme will either take place in person (at Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes and Paris) or online (on Zoom).



To take part in the programme, the project holder must :

  • Be a newcomer in France (refugee, asylum seeker or migrant background) or a local person with a project linked to migration.
  • Have a minimum level A2 in French or English
    Have an idea for a project
  • Be motivated to engage with the SINGA community (participate in workshops and activities, share your experience, etc.)
  • Be available for 2 hours in the evening each week to attend the workshops
Every fields are required

Partners of Pre-incubator program