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Gastronomy, craftsmanship, marketing… a new generation of entrepreneurs in Nantes!

It is now SINGA Nantes’ turn to launch its 4th cohort of entrepreneurs. The Rahi cohort, which means “one who journeys” in Hindi, consists of 15 entrepreneurs carrying 12 diverse projects: digital marketing, sewing, craftsmanship, catering, creative workshops, and even the welcoming of people from Ukraine.

Discover their stories, projects, and talents:

Cuisine and world gastronomy:

Kader Konate and Elena Perronno – Badeya, a solidarity restaurant

Elena and Kader are developing Badeya, an associative restaurant offering delicious dishes at affordable prices. This restaurant will also provide training opportunities in the field of catering for newcomers, people with disabilities, or those facing precarious situations, aiming to promote their social and economic integration.

Mariana and Kevin Langlois – Mulata, “a fast-food with Venezuelan flavors”

Kevin and Mariana aim to open a “fast-food” restaurant to introduce the richness of Venezuelan cuisine to a wider audience. Their flagship concept is offering “arepas,” traditional cornbread, with various South American and French flavors. They also plan to open a grocery store selling Venezuelan products.


Olha Voloshyna – Palianytsia, gastronomy, and culture from Ukraine

Olha wants to introduce Ukrainian cuisine to a broader audience. Beyond just a restaurant, she envisions a space for exchange and meetings between Ukrainian nationals and locals. Olha also plans to host exhibitions, concerts, and workshops to promote her culture.


Mariyam – Parvana, flavors of Afghanistan and Iran in Nantes’ plates

Mariyam is passionate about cooking and dreams of sharing the cuisine of her childhood with everyone. Coming from Afghanistan, she wishes to offer Nantes’ residents a friendly and family-oriented restaurant with a unique selection of Afghan and Iranian dishes. Through this restaurant project, Mariyam has two goals: to share her culture with as many people as possible and to engage with associations working to reduce child poverty.


Coralie Durand – Mc2 consulting, leveraging restaurant experience for the greater good

After 12 years as a restaurant manager, Coralie now wants to use her experience to support newly arrived restaurateurs and restauratrices, providing personalized guidance to help them start their businesses.

Creativity, sewing, and styling:

Halima Ahmed Hersi, tailoring workshop and custom clothing manufacturing

After two years of professional training as a seamstress with the “Des Femmes en Fil” integration workshop, Halima aspires to open her own workshop, offering tailoring and custom clothing services. She warmly welcomes all sewing needs, big or small.

Jahida Sahar Elham – Ethical clothing and accessories

Since arriving in France, Jahida aims to promote the artisanal work of people from Kashmir, India, by offering ethical clothing and accessories directly sourced from local cooperatives. Her approach is a real opportunity for these artisans and helps preserve their traditional techniques.

Lorena de Luri Bustos – Lotty Crea / Kits and products to unleash creativity for all ages

Experienced in organizing creative workshops for children, Lorena wants to expand her activities to reach adults as well. She also plans to create her website, offering DIY creative kits, stationery, and tutorials to explore one’s creative potential.


Maithili Chodankar – Buno Behen, clothing inspired by Indian craftsmanship

Maithili created her clothing brand to promote traditional Indian craftsmanship and showcase the talent of Indian women. Through her brand “Buno Behen,” Maithili aims to create clothing that respects both people and the planet, providing a sustainable alternative to the fast-fashion industry and ensuring a better future for these skilled artisans.


Ayslu Akhunova – Digital Marketing Project

Ayslu assists organizations in successful and impactful digital transformation through website creation and optimization. Her services are tailored to startup entrepreneurs and small businesses, offering human-centered and customized support.

Novhea Olivares – Rice in a box, a food truck just a click away

Novhea wants to offer workers a simple and healthy meal without waiting in line! Her “Rice in a box” food truck project allows customers to pre-order their meal online and simply pick it up during lunchtime. Her menus, inspired by Philippine cuisine, can be personalized to suit individual tastes, providing a variety of options.

Welcoming newcomers

Karyna Kosse-Gauffre and Yann Louault – Ukrainian Welcome Center

Starting from March 2022, Karyna and Yann commit to emergency reception of refugees from Ukraine and participate in the implementation of daytime reception services. Their current goal is to make this project sustainable and establish a Ukrainian Cultural Center in Nantes, fostering connections between communities and continuing to promote inclusion for all.

We are always in search of mentors. If you live in Nantes or its region and have legal or financial skills, feel free to contact

SINGA Nantes

SINGA Nantes agit pour permettre à chacun.e, quelle que soit son origine, de se révéler, de concrétiser son rêve d'entreprise ou d'association et de contribuer ainsi à la construction d'une société plus inclusive.