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World Refugee Day 2023 – SINGA’s Event Across Europe and Canada !

For over 20 years, the “World Refugee Day” has been advocating for a reconsideration of the conditions of welcoming, and more broadly, the position of newcomers in societies. Because it is essential to give a voice to those who have never had one, because a society that opens up is a society that strengthens itself, SINGA invites you to celebrate and build a society that is resolutely enriched by its diversity.

Meetings, debates, screenings, music, cuisine, workshops… A comprehensive program to highlight the myriad faces of inclusion.

Today, thousands of non-governmental actors, citizens, and businesses are coming together to develop concrete solutions in favor of inclusion.

From Marseille to Bordeaux, and all the way to Montreal, SINGA offers you moments of meetings and exchanges with all these actors.


20th of June : «insertion professionnelle des réfugiés » forum: training, business and support hubs
📍 La Maison des Réfugiés
🕐 From 2pm to 6pm
🔗 More information here

29th of June : #RefugeeDay by SINGA & J’accueille: dj set, fashion show, live podcast, debates
📍La Gaîté Lyrique
🕐 From 6pm to 10pm
🔗 More information here

24th of June : « vivre ensemble avec le sport »: sports activities, screening of the film “Nadia” with producer 
📍La Maison des Réfugiés
🕐 From 2pm to 8pm
🔗 More information here 


June 20th: « C’est l’apéro» : activities, sports, live music, cocktails
📍 Le Faitout
🕐 From 5pm to 9pm
🔗 More information here


June 17th: closing of the Refugee Food Festival: dinner, SOS Méditerranée exhibition, screening-debate, concert
📍Le garage moderne
🕐 From 6pm to 10pm
🔗 More information here

June 28th : summer party with Action Emploi Réfugiés: games, snacks, aperitifs, music and get-togethers
📍Square Toussaint Louverture
🕐 From 3pm to 8pm


June 20th: World Refugee Day by France Horizons: associative village, original testimonial film, concerts, tastings
📍la gare Saint Sauveur
🕐 From 5pm to midnight
🔗 More information here

June 21st: « Le choc des cultures »: intercultural dance show
📍Bazaar St-So
🕐 From 7pm to 8:30pm
🔗 More information here

June 24th: festival Exillex by la Condition Publique: theatre performance by members of the SINGA community
📍La Condition Publique de Roubaix
🕐 From 2pm to 3:30pm
🔗 Registration here


June 20th: projection of the documentary SEUL (2021) with director Paul Tom
📍407 Boulevard de Maisonneuve E
🕐 From 6pm
🔗 More information here


June 19th: SINGA Marseille’s booth
📍Friche Belle de Mai
🕐 From 2pm
🔗 More information here