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Entrepreunariat | 09 Sep 2022

When inclusion rhymes with economic development

How do people that are refugees or immigrants contribute to the innovation, growth and resilience of companies?


On the publication of the paper co-written with Utopies ‘TALENTS WITHOUT BORDERS’, came a fascinating exchange of experts on questions linked to the economy of migration and the interest of companies in better getting to know and include people that are refugees or immigrants.

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Substituting prejudices with facts, figures and testimonials, the debate opens up and calls for engagement!


  • Elisabeth Laville, founder and director of UTOPIES
  • Guillaume Capelle, co-founder of SINGA
  • François Gemenne, researcher, teacher and specialist on migrations
  • Ghaees Alshorbajy, founder of KaouKab
  • Clément Leduc, Leader of solidarity project at Hermès
  • Mercedes Erra, president of Havas and BETC, co-president of the French committee Human Rights Watch, president of the CA of the national museum of history and immigration.
  • Tigrane Seydoux, founder of BIG MAMMA
  • Arnaud Florentin, associate director of UTOPIES
  • Olivier Guermonprez, managing associate at Guermonprez stores and closures


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