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What to remember from SINGA x ChangeNOW 2023

This year, we were present at the ChangeNOW summit, the event dedicated to solutions for the planet, in order to highlight the importance of including newcomers. Three days that bring together innovative solutions and agents of change to collectively address the major challenges of our time. Inclusion is a crucial issue of our century. The strongest societies will be those that can welcome and include people from different backgrounds. ChangeNOW was a precious opportunity for SINGA to exchange and present solutions aimed at accelerating professional, financial, and social inclusion. Let’s revisit the highlights of these exciting three days.

Discussion between Benoît Hamon (SINGA Global) and Brune Poirson (ACCOR) on professional inclusion. 

During an engaging discussion, Benoît Hamon, CEO of SINGA Global, and Brune Poirson, Chief Sustainability Officer of the Accor Group, emphasized the importance of building coalitions between NGOs and companies to promote the inclusion of refugees and exiled individuals in the job market.

They explored various topics, including:

  • The necessity of forming partnerships and engaging in coalitions to address environmental challenges and social issues that are closely linked and interdependent.
  • The imperative for businesses to publicly advocate for the inclusion of refugees and exiled individuals, reaffirming that these individuals possess valuable skills and talents that should not be overlooked. By doing so, companies can not only enrich themselves but also bring genuine added value to their operations.

Some significant moments:

The ecological transition requires considerable innovation to reduce our carbon emissions and adapt our cities and the countryside to the consequences of global warming. We know that inclusion and interculturality generate innovation. Closing our doors to migration is choosing to close the door to intelligence and to a precious potential for innovation in the vital collective challenge of ecological transformation.

The question is : do we want to exclude or include? Where do we want to put our energy and resources? In the illusory closing of our borders or in the inclusion of newcomers, to unleash the potential of these thousands of people, to reveal their talents and enrich our societies. Benoit Hamon

In 2022, nearly 33 million people worldwide will be newly displaced by climate change, i.e. 40% more than in 2021. And the most affected and vulnerable are women, who account for 50% of migrants. These issues highlight the interconnection between environmental and social challenges, and the need to tackle them as a single movement. Brune Poirson

Find the complete discussion here:

Spotlight on projects promoting inclusion, supported by SINGA in Paris

Throughout the event, the SINGA Paris team engaged with a diverse audience of professionals and individuals to showcase their activities. They even had the opportunity to introduce SINGA to Tony Parker himself!

Several entrepreneurs supported by SINGA also had the chance to present their projects that foster inclusion:

  • Anne-Jennifer Chicou captivated investors with her presentation of Ohmboa. Supported by SINGA Paris, Ohmboa allows users to book activities that provide insights into cultures and know-how from around the world
  • Charles Bihina, founder of Diversitee, offered visitors a unique experience by demonstrating his virtual reality solution, which helps better understand the realities and challenges faced by displaced individuals

These moments were filled with valuable exchanges and inspiration, showcasing SINGA’s commitment and the dedication of its entrepreneurs to create a more inclusive world.

Inclusion through citizen hosting, narrated to those under 20

 Catherine Fraissenon Pascal, the Secretary-General of J’accueille, a citizen hosting platform, shared her journey as a host with individuals under 20 years old. She emphasized the significance and mutual benefits of this welcoming experience.

Finance will be inclusive or it won’t be

Refugee and immigrant entrepreneurs create 15% of businesses in France and the United Kingdom. However, these entrepreneurs face significant challenges in accessing financial services, from basic bank loans to the latest stages of fundraising.

To explore solutions that promote financial inclusion and unleash the full potential of innovation in our economy, Guillaume Capelle, co-founder of SINGA and Partner at Impact Partners, moderated a discussion alongside Peter Nartey, Investment Director at Impact Partners; Caroline Span ,co-founder of Welcome Place; and Jean Guo, founder and CEO of Konexio. 

27% of refugees in Europe encounter financial difficulties with banks. By investing in the inclusion of refugees, you address 13 of the UN’s sustainable development goals. Guillaume Capelle

This event was a real opportunity to highlight the importance of inclusion, exchange solutions, and progress together to build a world ready to face the challenges ahead. See you next year!