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SINGA and Accor join forces to strengthen entrepreneurship for newcomers in Europe

Paris, July 11, 2023 – SINGA announces its partnership with Accor, a global leader in hospitality. This collaboration aims to strengthen entrepreneurship among newcomers, fostering economic empowerment through business creation.

A 3-year partnership to support 1500 displaced entrepreneurs.

The partnership between Accor and SINGA aims to foster economic empowerment for newcomers, particularly in light of the mass displacement of Ukrainian refugees. SINGA is committed to supporting 1,500 participants over a three-year period towards business creation. This support includes assistance with project ideation, as well as the establishment and post-creation monitoring of businesses and associations. SINGA will provide resources, training, and personalized guidance to foster the development and sustainability of the created enterprises. In doing so, SINGA will draw upon its experience as the leading European network for refugee entrepreneurship, its unique intercultural expertise, and the deployment of its inclusive entrepreneurial programs in 13 European cities.

The inclusion of women at the heart of these projects.

The partnership between Accor and SINGA places special emphasis on the inclusion of women, actively encouraging their participation in all programs. In 2022, women accounted for over 50% of project leaders supported by SINGA. For many of them, entrepreneurship through SINGA represents their first formal professional experience, whether in their country of origin or in the host country, directly contributing to their economic and social empowerment.

Corporate commitment as a crucial lever for professional inclusion.

As stated by Benoît Hamon, CEO of SINGA Global: “Corporate commitment is a crucial lever to promote access to employment and facilitate sustainable inclusion in society. The inclusion of refugees is a powerful accelerator of innovation and cohesion within companies.”

Regarding this partnership, Brune Poirson, Chief Sustainability Officer of the ACCOR group, emphasizes: “The social issue lies at the heart of sustainable development and ecological transition. In 2022, the number of climate-displaced individuals reached nearly 33 million worldwide, an increase of 40% compared to 2021. We often overlook that the most impacted and vulnerable are women, representing over 50% of people in exile. Companies must be more inclusive than ever, as it strengthens their capacity for innovation. This is Accor’s mission, where hospitality truly matters, by developing the employability of these talents and unleashing their potential.”