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Culture | 04 May 2023

“Fabriquer l’époque” at La Gaîté Lyrique.

Since January 1st, 2023, SINGA has become part of the alliance that carries the new project for La Gaîté Lyrique for the next 5 years, alongside Arty Farty, Arte, makesense, and Actes Sud, with their project “La Fabrique de l’époque” (The Factory of the Time). Through this space for living and creation, SINGA aims to experiment with new forms of awareness and mobilization to reveal the virtues of encounters and connections.

Alongside Actes Sud, Arty Farty, ARTE France, and makesense, SINGA has been chosen to operate the iconic venue, La Gaîté Lyrique.

Together, over the next 5 years, we will create a space for living, creation, and engagement that embodies the significant issues of our time, moving from ideas to action and from storytelling to impact: the “Fabrique de l’époque” (The Factory of the Time).

This place will be a stage for movements, ideas, opinions, and changes of perspective. SINGA will experiment with new ways of acting, raising awareness, and mobilizing, emphasizing the virtues of encounters and connections.

From May 12 to May 14, the opening weekend

For this inaugural weekend, we open this “Fabrique” still under construction, as a first meeting with the values that drive this new project.

We will address the condition of women around the world with the collective Dysturb. We will discuss climate, refugees, bunkers, fake news, revolution, and pop culture. We will celebrate new rap and electronic scenes, from Morocco to Brussels, passing through Lyon and Paris, and pay tribute to influential figures like Moondog.

We will come together over a drink or a meal, on the terrace or on the first floor, specially redesigned for the occasion. In short, we look forward to welcoming many of you to exchange, learn, and dance with us on the major challenges of our time!