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Apprentissage | 15 Sep 2022

Companies, get involved!

How can companies engage themselves in the insertion of refugees?

Time to Act is a programme that opens the discussion to encourage action. Its main objective is to give companies and their collaborators the power and desire to act. Run by Emmanual Bentejac, CEO of wenabi, this programme addresses a current social issue with experts for 1 hour.
In this episode, SINGA speaks about entrepreneurship amongst refugees and the roles of companies in supporting them.
A fascinating discussion with speakers from atypical backgrounds. Watch the replay > HERE


  • Elise Ginioux, president of The Human Safety Net, the corporate foundation of the Italien insurance company Generali
  • Fabien Toulmé, athour of the successful comic ‘L’Odyssée d’Hakim’
  • Alice Barbe, co-founder of SINGA and author of the book ‘We are not born engaged, we become it’.