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Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges: Immersive Event in Stuttgart

On Saturday 1st April, SINGA Stuttgart organised an immersive, free and innovative exhibition entitled “Newcomer Founders – shaping inclusive society” at BRYCKE in Stuttgart. The event was developed in partnership with The Migrant Accelerator and BRYCKE, and aimed to highlight founders with a migrant and asylum background in the Stuttgart region, promoting the exchange of experiences, inspiration and discovery of economic contributions of newcomers in various innovative sectors.

The objectives of the exhibition were manifold, including the creation of social ties, the showcasing of projects and the potential of the participants, as well as raising public awareness of migration-related issues. To achieve these objectives, the event was divided into four parts.


The first part was a pop-up store where former and current participants could present and sell their products to the public. The second part was a photo exhibition to showcase the inspiring projects and stories of our alumni, present or not, at the event. The third part was a round table discussion on the theme “Challenges and opportunities of migrant founders in Baden-Württemberg”, aiming to break down stereotypes about immigration and to discuss entrepreneurship among people with an immigrant background. Finally, the day ended with a networking event over a shared buffet.


The exhibition highlighted the different projects created since the creation of the Business Lab in 2018 and The Migrant Accelerator, giving participants the opportunity to present themselves and their products and services. In total, six people came to present their businesses: Mai with Herfa, Gabriel and Katha with FairKaffee, Menna with Menna Jewellery, Loc with MindX Global Developer, Shiva with Lyfesutra, and Ramya with Sattvii. This exhibition showed the diversity of economic contributions of newcomers in society.


The panel discussion shared the current situation of migrant founders in Baden-Württemberg and how each individual and each institution can contribute to an inclusive support for entrepreneurship. The panelists were Gari Pavkovic, Head of the Integration Policy Department of the City of Stuttgart; Saad Radany, CEO of TecSee Internetagentur and investor from Egypt; Niyat Haile, student, social activist and founder of @blackownedbusiness_stuttgart; Maximilian Scheu, researcher in international entrepreneurship at the University of Hohenheim and the University of Amsterdam; Tobias Dürr, head of the startup ecosystem at the City of Stuttgart; and Laila Zohaib, founder of The Migrant Accelerator as moderator of the panel.


This initiative was a great success and was well attended throughout the day. About 30 people also participated in the panel and networking event.

Photo credits : Instagram :  hasanmalla_photography ; Others : @Hasan Malla