SINGA Marseille

SINGA Marseille is a citizen movement working to create social connections between people that are refugees, asylum seekers and the host society.
  • created in 2019
  • members 50


Cafés, coworking spaces, libraries, theatres … SINGA spots are friendly places that carry a sense of meaning and belonging, open to diversity and intercultural encounters. Places that resemble us and bring us together.

In other words: a network of SINGA partners that generates a positive economic and social impact on a local scale!

Infos Jeunes Canebière

Cité des Associations

SINGA Marseille's Headquarters

Café Coco Velten

Parc Borély

Marché de Noailles

Cours Julien

Plage des Catalans

Vieux Port

Plages du Prado

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